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Metsi accelerates digital transformation for the IT enterprise through continuous digital innovation, digital applications, hybrid multicloud adoption, microservices, and Anything-as-a-Service. We create the secure IT flexibility that meets business demand.


Transforming IT

Business agility through service innovation

Metsi enables customers to accelerate their journey to digital maturity by aligning to their IT and business goals.

We do this by taking a service-centric approach to application and platform modernisation, making it simpler to define, deliver, manage and consume secure services.

Our expert teams build intelligent solutions based on data-driven insights, to provide outcomes that drive business agility and service innovation.

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Value through a unique range of services

Application Management

An enterprise wide approach for managing the lifecycle, provisioning and performance of applications together with the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. This includes all the processes and activities to design, create, deliver, and support IT services. Customers demand flawless performance and they’re loyal to the brands that deliver it. That’s the new reality. Application Management helps businesses deliver consistently flawless digital experiences by monitoring, correlating, analysing and acting on application and business performance data in real time.

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Service Orchestration

Automation is more than just being able to spin up a infrastructure components quickly. It’s about using APIs to stitch together workloads across storage, network and compute, ITSM, CMDB, helpdesk, monitoring systems and asset management for true end-to-end service orchestration. Metsi solutions deliver the benefits of IT automation & orchestration across the digital enterprise: in software defined networking, digital applications, microservices, multicloud and hybrid cloud, and IT as a Service.

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Full Stack Engineering

Metsi specialises in complex systems automation & orchestration, built on a multicloud or hybrid cloud fabric, and empowered by a Software Defined Data Center. Our software engineers are experts in self-service platforms, real-time business performance and optimisation, and automated control of network infrastructure.

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Our engagement methodology is simple and we approach complex problems with a fresh pair of eyes. Our investment in the technical architecture team has been a recipe of differentiation and a catalyst for securing critical long-term contracts and new customers. The ability to lead with Professional Services has also allowed us to become a confident and trusted adviser to many of our customers and ensures that our reach goes deeper and wider across the customers IT Landscape.

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Metsi provides ongoing support for software-defined infrastructures, and provides continued enhancements via automation processes and leveraging open APIs used within a software-defined architecture, to ensure our customers achieve pre-defined results.

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How our solutions improve your business


Data-Driven Governance & Security

Used correctly, data is your most precious asset. By helping you to define policy and processes, the value you can achieve from your data is enhanced, while still maintaining its integrity.


Digital Maturity

Businesses are experiencing a constant cycle of change in our digital age. Digital maturity is all about maximising the value of data-driven innovation through digital transformation. Metsi gets you ready to invest in the practical implementation of transformation, and helps you reap the rewards.


Application & Platform Modernisation

Modernising the platform infrastructure and architecture of existing legacy applications can improve the speed of new feature delivery and increase scale and performance that fits in with a broader, next-generation data centre and IT strategy.


Business Innovation & Service Agility

Innovation is about being smarter by defining and optimising new ways of doing business; solving problems; and delivering services faster to achieve cost reduction and profitability.

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