Chief Technology Executives Gary Harrison and Phillip Odom Play a Crucial Role in Metsi 2.0.

by Metsi | July 20, 2021

July 20, 2021

The seasoned CTOs are drivers of Metsi’s Adapt-Grow-Benefit culture.

As a leading global digital systems integrator, the culture at Metsi Technologies is defined by agility, ingenuity, and value. An exemplary illustration can be found in the Chief Technology executives, Phillip Odom and Gary Harrison, whose professional records speak to Metsi’s expertise in the industry. The two executives profiled have over half a century of combined expertise in driving successful technology and business initiatives, providing the organization with extensive knowledge and experience.

Gary Harrison – EMEA Chief Technology Officer

Gary Harrison is the EMEA Chief Technology Officer, bringing over 25 years of experience to the role. During his extensive career, Gary has worked in the media, FinTech and telecommunications industries, driving growth and innovation in his various engineering and architecture roles. He is passionate about proactively driving disruption in business through the adoption of cloud technologies, including Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC), Software-Defined Networking (SDN) / Access (SDA) / WAN (SD-WAN), and XaaS (as-a-Service).

Harrison, who was born and raised in Sydney, joined Metsi in early 2018 and previously served as Global Head of Technology Services. In May 2021, he was promoted to EMEA Chief Technology Officer, a position well suited to his technical calibre and proficiency. He is working to bring closer alignment between nascent trends in technology and the innovations and services Metsi offers to its clients.

Phillip Odom – US Chief Technology Officer

Phillip Odom is the US Chief Technology Officer. Metsi’s US brand for technology innovation is reflected in its US Federal business that is focused on delivering faster application deployments with Anything-as-a-Service. Phillip’s customer-facing role in leading this business puts him at the cutting edge of innovative technology implementations with compelling use cases, at scale.

Phillip’s 25+ year career encompasses software development, hardware design, full stack performance engineering, and Fortune 500 consulting. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Bioinformatics, Phillip has found himself at the nexus of technology and entrepreneurship. He has designed a host of products and solutions, including wearable medical devices, remote access devices, and iBeacon/BLE asset tracking devices. More recently, he has been involved in the creation of a prototype sensor virtualization device for testing IoT sensors and development of IoT software test protocols for HPE and Micro Focus R&D. Phillip has also been a founder, board member and senior advisor in multiple start-ups with successful exits.

The Nashville-born Odom joined Metsi US shortly after it acquired his Application Performance Management company in 2018 and has since built Metsi’s Full Stack Visibility and Advanced DevOps practices. Phillip’s core focus is ensuring that Metsi continues to deliver the best technology experience for its customers, delivering solutions that continuously exceed expectations.

Metsi 2.0 Business Value

Metsi 2.0 is focused on driving strategic value to deliver the best business outcomes for its customers and partners. To Phillip, Metsi 2.0 is about agility and responsiveness to changing industry and customer needs. In his words, “The Metsi 2.0 Adapt-Grow-Benefit brand is a clear statement of how we deliver the best customer experience possible. We adapt the technology to the customer environment and desired business outcomes, which results in the fastest possible growth to benefit our customers and their business.” To Gary, “Metsi 2.0 is about Metsi becoming a broker of innovation and capability in the delivery of multi-cloud solutions, finding the right match in technology to drive service innovation and maturity for our customers.”

Metsi’s technology leadership is crucial in ensuring Metsi continues to be recognized globally as an innovative digital engineering company that modern businesses trust to guide them to digital maturity. Rachael Babcock, Chief Executive Officer for Metsi US, recognizes the role of the CTOs in establishing Metsi as an industry leader. She notes that, “Our global engineering culture, led by our CTOs, specializes in cross-functional teams who leverage the best of enterprise and open-source technologies to create the entire software lifecycle of Anything-as-a-Service, from POC to fully productized release engineering and automated pipeline delivery. Our focus on approaching every engineering challenge with dedication and ingenuity is what differentiates us with our customers and partners.”

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