by Metsi | February 02, 2021

February 02, 2021


Cisco Container Platform (CCP) is a fully curated, lightweight container management platform  for enterprise environments. CCP automates the repetitive things and simplifies the complex  tasks of managing Kubernetes clusters and is based on open source components (100%  upstream Kubernetes, Docker, Contiv, Nginx, etc.) so there’s no proprietary lock-in. CCP runs  anywhere, with consistent deployment across hyperconverged infrastructure, VMs, bare  metal, public, and private cloud.

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (AW EKS) is a managed service that makes it easy to run  Kubernetes on AWS without installing and operating your own Kubernetes clusters. AWS EKS  runs the Kubernetes management infrastructure across multiple AWS availability zones.


Our customer needed to migrate on premise Kubernetes services into AWS EKS  and have the confidence to be able to manage production ready Kubernetes  services in AWS EKS. CCP’s ability to manage the control plane from a single  interface (“single pane of glass”), support Active Directory logins and credentialing, and provide secure connectivity between clouds made CCP the  right choice for our customer. Our customer also needed CCP to be easy to use  for their internal IT teams, particularly DevOps.


Metsi consulted with the customer to determine their current Kubernetes  requirements as well as their roadmap for container management. Metsi  demonstrated how to design, build, and deploy a secure AWS EKS environment  with CCP. Metsi also secured the on premise to public cloud connectivity utilizing  the Cisco CSR 1000v and Stealthwatch to monitor traffic in and between these  environments.


Metsi offers Cisco Container Platform (CCP) consulting, design, and delivery services with ongoing break/fix or advisory support. Metis provides the POV architecture for CCP integration with the customer’s open source components,  hyperconverged infrastructure, and multicloud environments. Metsi also provides  IT automation and orchestration expertise for CCP deployments.