CloudCenter Suite

by Metsi | February 03, 2021

February 03, 2021


These service packages will deliver a hybrid multicloud management platform that securely models and provisions applications & infrastructure in your data center, private, and public clouds.

  • CloudCenter Suite Foundation (CCS-FD-DEP) – 1 week
  • CloudCenter Suite Advanced (CCS-VD-DEP) – 2 weeks
  • CloudCenter Refresh 4.x to5.x (CCS-VD-DEP) - 2 weeks
  • CloudCenter Orchestration (CCS-VD-ORC) - 1 week

Cisco CloudCenter Suite

Cisco CloudCenter is a multicloud management platform that works across multiple cloud and data center environments. From a single point of access, users can securely deploy, optimise, and manage workloads in any environment. IT organizations can also centrally apply governance and cost controls that work across all the major cloud providers as well as in private or hosted data centers.

The Journey to a successful CCS deployment