Containers as a Service Using OpenShift and Nuage

by Metsi | February 02, 2021

February 02, 2021

OpenShift is a family of containerization software developed by Red Hat. OpenShift Container  Platform is an on-premises or cloud hosted Platform as a Service (PaaS) based on top of  Docker containers orchestrated and managed by Kubernetes.

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides software-defined networking  (SDN) and policy-based automation for cloud deployments. This network-wide solution  includes components that can help you optimize datacenter, cloud or software-defined WAN  operations and automate security policies and remediation.


Our customer needed to standardize on a Containers as a Service platform in order  to rapidly deploy new applications in a hybrid multicloud environment. Their  enterprise team needed to increase application agility and support for DevOps

practices, eliminate dependencies between application development lifecycles and  infrastructure technology lifecycles, and enable seamless deployment and movement of  applications between private and public cloud environments.


Metsi proposed an architecture that created three layers of service abstraction.  OpenShift templates were used to capture application intent and model application behaviours for standardization in the hybrid multicloud environment.

The OpenShift Container Platform was deployed both on-premises on RedHat Enterprise  Linux as well as in the public cloud on Microsoft Azure. This offered a single cloud  orchestration model and common set of infrastructure services across all environments.  Finally, Nuage VSP provided the networking glue for a fully orchestrated software-defined  network (SDN) solution that seamlessly interconnects application services across datacentres.


Metsi offers Containers as a Service (CaaS) solutions that provide a powerful foundation for rapid application deployment in hybrid multicloud environments.  CaaS enables application teams to modify and build new application templates in  line with their own development and deployment lifecycles, and for application and

DevOps teams to consume a common set of infrastructure services. In addition, Metsi offers  CaaS solutions on platform agnostic, secure, software-defined networking for a single end-to end operational model across private and public infrastructures.