Engineering skills are redefining the DevOps and Automation landscape.

by Metsi | June 22, 2022

June 22, 2022

Steve James, Co-Founder at Metsi Technologies, digs down into how engineering skills are reshaping technology and innovation.

Steve James, Metsi Technologies Co-founder

The two most important words for any engineering and solutions-orientated IT organisation looking to stay ahead of the innovation curve and the forever growing pack of competitors are “differentiation” and “expertise”. Software development and continuous integration is driving digital transformation. The number of API’s available in the marketplace and the velocity at which they are being released and updated is  accelerating.

This is fuelling the level of innovation and integration of  new services and their channels of delivery – providing organisations choice, agility and speed to value, and changing the shape of business and customer expectations. Enterprises looking to thrive in this high-speed competitive market need access to engineering talent that’s experienced, passionate, skilled and capable of weaving agility into the very fabric of the organisation. This talent is the catalyst for change, growth and the driver of differentiation.

Investing into building and growing our unique blend of Metsi engineers in DevOps and Infrastructure Automation provides the organisations we engage with rich and deeply layered support. Throughout the development, automation and operations lifecycle our contribution and subject matter knowledge is transformative and sustainable for the modern enterprise.

Collaboration addresses the shortage of skilled devops and automation professionals.

As McKinsey points out, ‘digitally advanced companies create a plan for the future and engage enterprise architects to figure out a system that can enable it’.  However, the enterprise doesn’t need to fight for skills in a competitive marketplace, wrestling for talent in the melting pot of increasingly limited DevOps and infrastructure automation engineering expertise. Not anymore. Because this is the era of collaboration in the age of information.

How intelligent skillsets transform the business.

Business-services sourcing has come of age, of that there is no doubt.  McKinsey research found that companies are under pressure to rethink the role of digital technology in their business strategy and find better ways of keeping up with the pace of business and that working with third-party experts plays a significant role in overcoming these challenges. The right talent at the right time means that the organisation can invest into increased operational efficiency through automation and the orchestration of best practice methodologies and frameworks.

Companies should rethink the role of technology.

As skills continue to evolve at pace with technology and innovation, it also means that organisations can leverage the capabilities of skilled engineers that have the requisite expertise and talent to measurably improve operations and scale without the heavy price tag. This has the knock-on impact of reducing costs around the management and operation of IT systems and processes. It also streamlines operational capabilities by allowing for the enterprise to design, develop and integrate emergent technologies within their systems, without compromise.

This is the time to expand on the resilience that was found within the depths of the business during the pandemic and to invest into faster application development that will reinforce the foundations of mission critical systems and redefine digital transformation expectations. These engineering skills are the ones that will ensure continuous business improvements while ensuring your company is capable of overcoming cultural and technology challenges.

Smart skills, smarter business. 

Metsi Technologies is built around a core set of engineering skills that are redefining the industry, with holistic consultancy alongside established expertise, design principles and a clear understanding of our customers IT and business strategies. With architects, delivery and managed support engineers across three continents, we deliver successful projects on behalf of our strategic customers to ensure they stay ahead of their competitors.

The niche solutions we bring to market, unique approach and extensive engineering expertise, allow our customers access to leading technologies that innovate, transform and drive higher levels of automation, integration and security, while accelerating their digital maturity posture.

Our recipe for differentiation combines the critical ingredients of skills, collaboration, experience and passion that ensures the Metsi business continues the momentum it strives for to grow into new markets and connect with new customers, partners and strategic vendors.

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