Managing hybrid Kubernetes across on-premises and the cloud

by Metsi | February 10, 2021

February 10, 2021

Amazon EKS makes it easy to deploy, manage and scale containerised applications using Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon EKS is certified Kubernetes compliant so you can use existing tooling and plugins from partners and the Kubernetes community. This means you’re able to maintain compatibility with on-premises Kubernetes deployments, leveraging just one set of skills when it comes to infrastructure.

Managing Kubernetes Report

With application modernisation now a priority for organisations, the need to evolve on-premises infrastructure to support containers and Kubernetes is urgent. Some applications will remain hosted entirely in private data centres and common practice will be to re-platform them there, while still leveraging the agility of cloud development tools and platforms.

But how can you manage a hybrid Kubernetes across on-premises and the cloud?

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