by Metsi | February 03, 2021

February 03, 2021


Cisco Prime Service Catalog (PSC) is a unified self-service IT portal that facilitates cataloguing  and consumption of IT Services for customers. It allows users to track and manage lifecycle of  services, from initial request to decommissioning.

Cisco Process Orchestrator (CPO) allows for cross domain orchestration and automation,  using CPO to drive automation and service delivery processes across the IT landscape.  Complex IT processes that require cross-department collaboration and vendor system  integration can easily be integrated using CPO out-of-the box adapters and activities.


Our customer needed the ability to provide a single user portal to request and  manage the lifecycle of IT services. The business needed to pre-define services,  associate service requests with automated workflow processes to notify approvers  and staff of tasks, and then deliver the requested services. Standardizing the service request  and delivery process enabled the business to avoid the risks associated with the manual  interaction of multiple siloed teams and processes.


Metsi proposed Cisco Prime Service Catalog (PSC) to catalogue services and allow  users to consume these services via a self-service portal. This solution also allowed  the lifecycle of the service to be managed via the portal and users to take subsequent actions on services and finally decommission the service when appropriate.

Metsi proposed Cisco Process Orchestrator (CPO) to automate and orchestrate the service  provisioning across multiple delivery teams and migrate manually performed actions into a  standardised and automated process.


Metsi offers IT-as-a-Service creation, delivery, and assurance. Metsi’s ITaaS  engineers create a unified self-service IT portal experience that increases user  satisfaction in interacting and receiving services from the IT organization. By  enabling ITaaS creation and delivery, Metsi facilitates cross departmental  automation that is standardized and repeatable. The time and effort taken to deliver services  is greatly reduced, and a consistent services experience is assured.