Metsi Group Ltd announces acquisition of technology consulting firm Nubera.

by Metsi | January 28, 2022

January 28, 2022



Metsi Group Ltd announces acquisition of technology consulting firm Nubera.

The acquisition of Belgium-based Nubera will see Metsi expand its engineering capability.

London, United Kingdom Metsi Group Ltd, today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Nubera, a Belgium based technology consulting firm. Nubera specialises in accelerating client digital transformation through DevOps.

Through this acquisition, Metsi will extend its rich portfolio with additional engineering capability and experience. Nubera has a history of providing strong governance and engineering expertise. Their Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps practices ensure efficient and secure provisioning, deployment and life cycle management of software and infrastructure resources across different clouds and infrastructures.

The company accelerates the build and implementation of a tightly integrated DevOps toolchain for customers. This toolchain enables development and operations teams to collaborate efficiently across the entire product life cycle. In addition, Nubera supports customers in the implementation of, and support for,  Kubernetes based platforms for container orchestration. As an enabler for enterprise DevOps, Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto standard control plane for orchestration, not only for containers but for any kind of resource.

Mik Hillewaert, Metsi Group CEO, says “The acquisition will expand Metsi’s DevOps practice and leverage the Nubera expertise across its existing customers and prospects, thereby accelerating customers’ journeys to digital maturity, by taking a service-centric approach to application and platform modernisation.”

He continues, “The Nubera acquisition will allow Metsi to become a major player in DevOps Automation, an area that’s a perfect synergy with our Infrastructure Automation practice and will allow us to offer a wider and more comprehensive solution portfolio to our customers worldwide. Nubera’s multi-cloud expertise will allow us to serve more customers going forward with Metsi’s digital transformation solutions and services.”.

About Metsi Technologies

Founded in 2012, Metsi Technologies is a privately owned global digital Systems Integrator with operations across the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and The Netherlands.

In the first few years of operation, Metsi were experts in service catalogue, infrastructure and cloud management. As a result of vendor acquisitions, Metsi went on to build strategic partnerships with Cisco, Puppet Labs, and Aveksa to offer professional services around automation and security.

With ongoing customer success, Metsi became Cisco’s first software Integrator Partner and began offering full-stack engineering for Software Defined Data Center. The launch of Metsi US in 2018 saw an expansion into Full Stack Visibility & Observability with AppDynamics certified engineering. To learn more, visit:

About Nubera

Founded in 2012, Nubera helps IT organisations become more efficient and cost-effective through the adoption of new technologies. Today Nubera is leading the path towards adopting DevOps automation across Benelux. Nubera provides innovation, flexibility, and cost-efficiency in IT services through automation and orchestration. In 2020 Nubera introduced dome, a DevOps automation framework which includes a curated knowledge hub and Atomic Automation Engine. To learn more, visit:

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