Metsi Technologies accelerates ROI and FinOps capabilities for global outsourcing organisation

by Metsi | May 19, 2023

May 19, 2023

Metsi Technologies (Metsi), a global digital systems integrator with proven expertise across automation, security, full-stack engineering, visibility and observability, collaborated with a leading international outsourcing organisation to address challenges in its recent Microsoft Azure public cloud migration. The company had invested heavily into a new cloud architecture that was costing significantly more than the initial migration forecasts had predicted and was struggling with poor visibility, optimisation and data analytics.

As global outsourcing organisation, the company needed a smart route to resolving its cloud migration costs and complexities at speed so it could achieve a measurable return on investment (ROI) and leverage the full potential of its data. The partnership with Metsi grew out of the company’s need to overcome these challenges with an organisation that has a consistent track record in empowering modern organisations to achieve their digital initiatives. The specialist team with granular understanding of multi-cloud environments and skillsets across cloud management, orchestration, workload management and migration was exactly what the outsourcing company needed to resolve its cloud migration limitations and costs.

Metsi’s team brought us the skillsets and capabilities  we needed to resolve the problems we were having with our recent migration to Azure public cloud. Our spend was higher than the initial migration plan forecasts and we wanted more visibility and better control so we could achieve our expected ROI and strategic objectives**.”**

A challenging landscape

The Microsoft Azure public cloud migration undertaken by the outsourcing company was pushing cloud spend well above initial forecasts made in the migration plans. There was poor visibility into reasons why there was increased spend and the company was finding it difficult to associate cloud costs with its applications and services. In addition to the unexpected cost burden, the company was finding it difficult to turn its cloud analytical data into actionable changes that could have a measurable impact on business decision-making and strategy, and it was having an extremely low success rate when it came to actioning cloud optimisation recommendations. This was further complicated by a lack of understanding around the cost saving and optimisation options available within the cloud architecture.

Metsi engaged with the company for a period of three months to provide an agile consultative assessment process and to undertake an extensive Microsoft Azure cloud services discovery and analysis. The goal was to identify the choke points, to target early wins for rapid cost reduction and mitigation, and to align business processes and strategy within the business. It was critical that Metsi help the company improve its financial operations (FinOps) with a thorough maturity assessment that would allow for the company to further refine its strategic expenditure and cost management throughout.

An intelligent outcome

Throughout the three-month engagement with the customer, Metsi collaborated closely with teams and leadership to ensure that it gained a rich perspective of the business and its FinOps objectives. The Metsi team felt it was important to fully realise the needs of the business while unpacking how its cloud infrastructure needed to be optimised to meet these needs over both the long and the short term.

Within the first two months of engagement, the company saw an initial 12% saving on cloud spend which is anticipated to increase to 20% with the implementation of further recommendations. Metsi also created a metatdata model designed to kickstart improvements in FinOps practices and processes within the company alongside a clearly defined roadmap that increased cost visibility and FinOps capabilities. In addition, the engagement saw the company experience measurable ROI within just six weeks, achieving its cost-saving and optimisation objectives at speed.

With Metsi’s advisory and support, the global outsourcing organisation achieved its cost and optimisation outcomes within a tight time frame and with additional gains that included a framework for application chargeback, optimised FinOps capabilities, streamlined data analysis and insights, improved decision-making and long-term visibility into cloud operations and functionality.

“Metsi, its people and its methodologies were the exactly right fit for our business and what we needed to experience the true value of our cloud migration investment.”

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