Metsi Technologies Joins Snapt’s Industry Leading Partner Program

by Metsi | March 31, 2022

March 31, 2022



Metsi Technologies Joins Snapt’s Industry Leading Partner Program.

Metsi Technologies joins a program for partners seeking to innovate by offering comprehensive solutions for today’s application delivery challenges.

London, United Kingdom, Metsi and Snapt, a Gartner-recognised application delivery and security firm, working with thousands of clients globally and protecting over 10,000 applications, have announced their partnership. Metsi joins Snapt’s Partner Program which will see the company offer Snapt’s solutions for dynamic load balancing, web application and API protection built for real-time hyperscale, multi-cloud, and modern architectures.

With this new addition to Metsi’s partner portfolio, the company will now provide an enterprise application delivery platform and a threat intelligence platform ensuring load balancing, security, caching, and acceleration through Snapt across Metsi’s locations.

Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services, and APIs are always on, always fast and always secure. Businesses who adopt Snapt are better equipped to plan their future growth with greater efficiency based on informed decisions. Snapt’s application delivery solution and threat intelligence platform will act as an extension of Metsi’s solutions. Snapt is the only modern, unified application delivery platform designed for centralised security, visibility, and control for multi-cloud, hyperscale, and hybrid environments.

“Metsi offers important value to the Snapt eco-system. Together Snapt and Metsi provide a seamless multi-cloud transformation journey while ensuring availability, acceleration and security. We are looking forward to the partnership and expanding with Metsi within Northern Europe.” said Jason Oehley, VP Partnerships at Snapt.

Snapt's solutions span multiple clouds and diverse production pipelines with centralised control of load balancing, security, and intelligence. Snapt is cloud neutral, container friendly, with no vendor lock-in.

"Snapt could be a game-changer for our customers and is a great solution partner for Metsi! It seamlessly integrates with our Service Oriented approach to multi-cloud maturity, bringing a consistent "as-a-service" solution for intelligent load balancing and security across private and public cloud, in an elegant pay-as-you-grow model." said Gary Harrison, EMEA CTO at Metsi.

About Metsi Technologies

Metsi accelerates digital transformation for the IT enterprise through continuous digital innovation, digital applications, hybrid multicloud adoption, microservices, and Anything-as-a-Service. We create the secure IT flexibility that meets business demand. Metsi enables customers to accelerate their journey to digital maturity by aligning to their IT and business goals. Our expert teams build intelligent solutions based on data-driven insights, to provide outcomes that drive business agility and service innovation

About Snapt

Snapt provides future-proof load balancing and security solutions that are cloud-neutral and platform-agnostic. Snapt eliminates downtime and automatically scales your sites and applications to ensure maximum responsiveness. Using a single pane of glass, our solutions deliver centralised control and intelligence for all your clouds, platforms, architectures and applications. Snapt has offices in San Jose, New York, London, Cape Town and Johannesburg, with customers in over 60 countries. We have a global operating infrastructure enabling 24/7/365 support.

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