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Metsi Transforms to Accelerate Customers' Transition to a Digital World

Metsi Technologies' evolution to Metsi 2.0 amplifies its vision to adapt to the rapidly-changing markets its customers are servicing.

31 May 2021: Leading global digital systems integrator Metsi Technologies today unveils its rebrand to introduce Metsi 2.0. With operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and The Netherlands, an expanded portfolio of offerings has been created to accelerate customer's journey to digital maturity.

Says Metsi's Global CIO, Ghufran Shah: "This enriched selection of offerings combining established and novel technologies demonstrate real value and outcomes for customers embarking on a journey of digital transformation."

This new Metsi global brand expresses the company’s dedication to transforming IT through business agility and service innovation, making it easier for customers to define, deliver, manage, and consume secure services.

Rachael Babcock, CEO of Metsi US, states that “it is more important than ever that IT enterprises achieve digital maturity, whether it’s through continuous digital innovation, digital applications, hybrid multi-cloud adoption, or Anything-as-a-Service.”

"Metsi is dedicated to empowering customers and partners to accelerate their adoption of digital technologies to meet increasing global business demand quickly and efficiently, Babcock says. "We consistently deliver quicker time-to-use cases, and faster application deployment and migration times through our agile automation engineering," she notes.

Forging responsive relationships

In an IT landscape that changed rapidly through 2020 and will continue to do so, Metsi is forging new relationships to complement its portfolio and strengthen the Metsi footprint across its Visibility and Insights, Automation and Intelligence and Application and Service Management Blueprint.

Able to source technologies aligned to its core business, Metsi's ability to integrate with customers while bringing time to value will determine each strategic vendor relationship Metsi offers.

Steve James, Co-founder of Metsi Technologies, adds: "Our vision is to adapt to our customer's ever-changing world, grow with our customers as a trusted advisor, and ensure customers and partners benefit from the innovation we bring to the industry."

The company's key focus is customer-centricity and capabilities to provide a path to digital maturity based on a Service-orientated architecture.

Change at the speed of digital

"We’re operating in a continually changing digital environment, and leaders delivering digital maturity solutions and services need to be agile and responsive,” says Mik Hillewaert, Global CEO Metsi Technologies.

“The rebrand is not merely cosmetic - it allows us to evolve with customer needs as they occur, so Metsi maintains its market-leading position in offering our customers the best in class digital maturity solution, every day for every client.”

Metsi Technologies’ evolution to Metsi 2.0 amplifies its vision to adapt to the rapidly-changing markets its customers are servicing. The introduction of the tree in our logo symbolises growth and fresh images of nature. The natural elements are a reflection of the Metsi 2.0 vision and culture to adapt, grow and benefit while providing a sustainable and profitable business to its staff and shareholders.

Says Shah: “The pandemic has reshaped the future of work, accelerating the move to the choice of Cloud, while ensuring Digital initiatives are accelerated, aligned to the business needs and strategy. Metsi is on a mission to help customers move beyond ‘the new normal’ into a ‘brave new world’ to support a digital workforce.

“We will walk alongside them in their accelerated adoption of digital technologies and enable strategic investment in XaaS with cloud technologies to ensure they adapt, grow and benefit from our expertise in helping to achieve their vision.”

Note To Editor:

About Metsi Technologies

Founded in 2012, Metsi is a privately owned global digital Systems Integrator with operations in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, and The Netherlands.

In the first few years of Metsi’s growth, our engineers were experts in service catalog, infrastructure and cloud management with technologies such as NewScale, Cloupia and CliQr. As a result of vendor acquisitions, Metsi built strategic partnerships with Cisco, Puppet Labs, and Aveksa to offer professional services around automation and security. As a result of our customer success, Metsi became Cisco’s first software Integrator Partner, and started to offer full-stack engineering for Software Defined Data Center. This laid the foundation for Metsi to diversify its portfolio to become a global digital Systems Integrator around leading edge technologies in EMEA and the US.

With the launch of Metsi US in 2018, Metsi expanded into Full Stack Visibility & Observability with AppDynamics certified engineering. Today, in partnership with the Cisco DoD teams, Metsi US designs, delivers, and productises custom IaaS and PaaS solutions that deliver faster application deployment for the US Department of Defense.

Like water (“metsi” translates “water” in Tswana), we adapt. To adapt is to adjust to different conditions or environments.

We seek to be fluid, transformative, and beneficial to all teams, technology vendors, and partners as we collaborate with our customers to help them adapt to the ever-changing demands along their digital transformation journey.