Putting People First and Thinking Outside the Box with CEO Michael Hillewaert and his vision for Metsi 2.0.

by Metsi | October 15, 2021

October 15, 2021

Building the future with a trusted pair of hands

Metsi Technologies is a leading global digital systems integrator with a focus on agility, design thinking and transformation. The company has developed a world-class Digital Maturity approach that blends market-leading technologies, vendor agnostic capabilities, and long-standing industry expertise into a holistic solutions-driven portfolio. Metsi’s ethos is to provide customers with a safe pair of hands that guide them on a seamless digital journey. The company helps them to achieve resilient and sustainable digital transformation and maturity throughout the organisation. Leading the company forwards, with an incredibly experienced pair of hands on the reins, is Global CEO of Metsi, Michael Hillewaert.

Michael Hillewaert, Global CEO of Metsi Technologies

Michael Hillewaert has had an impressive career. He has worked as an international sales VP for VirtualSharp Software, VMware and PHD Virtual Technologies; been a partner at Nubera; and has led Metsi Technologies from strength to strength over the past seven years. His extensive experience in sales, as well as his in-depth understanding of business and the role that technology plays in bringing about sustainable transformation and growth, have helped him build a company that delivers exactly what customers need – trusted support and technology.

Since taking on the role of CEO at Metsi, Hillewaert has driven strategic company expansion into new territories and portfolios. The recent establishment of the US branch of the company is one such highlight, especially for Hillewaert. He believes it is one of the best decisions ever made for the company. Initially, the move was powered by customer engagement, but it has since delivered dividends with a new customer base in a fresh market while providing international customers with a worldwide presence.

On the personal front, Hillewaert brings a unique skillset to the business. His people management skills and out of the box thinking have kept employees engaged, and customers happy. He believes that a company is defined by its people and he wants every person within Metsi Technologies to feel as if they run their own company. Fostering a spirit of intrapreneurship, Hillewaert has built a company culture around outcome-based principles, providing employees with the freedom they need to thrive and the accountability they need to be recognised for their work.

Metsi 2.0 and the Future of Business Value

Hillewaert is committed to three key things: value, relevance and transformation. Over the past seven years, the company has broadened its portfolio to ensure exceptional customer service and relevance. The team has also streamlined its strategy and portfolio under the umbrella of Digital Transformation Services, ensuring that the company is structured into clear and functional business units that provide customers with specialised and outstanding solutions.

The company has enhanced its digital offerings, simplifying complex service orchestration by effectively matching capability supply to service demand. Hillewaert has been instrumental in shaping this vision to ensure that customers always get the right capability at the right place and at the right time. This not only minimises the risks, but enhances the outcomes over the long and short term. Hillewaert believes that digital maturity is the ultimate in achieving a competitive advantage in the market and that Metsi, with its vision for the future and its proven track record, is the perfect partner to help any company do just that.

“The world has changed and our customers and employees want to have seamless experiences, and they need greater efficiency and sustainability. This can only be achieved by eliminating manual processes and introducing the scale and agility of digital. We are your safe pair of hands, your trusted partner, in taking you through a seamless and relevant digital transformation journey.”Michael Hillewaert, Global CEO of Metsi Technologies.

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