Remote Worker Bundle - VDI at its best

by Metsi | February 10, 2021

February 10, 2021

Provide users a superior experience, wherever they are and on any device, seamlessly and securely.


Access applications, data, and virtual desktops at any time, from anywhere, and deliver the best VDI user experience. The Metsi Remote Worker Bundle enables organisations to

  • accelerate growth in work from home populations
  • respond to heightened interest in business continuity/disaster recovery

Cisco Hyperflex systems deliver hyperconvergence with power and simplicity for any application on any cloud, anywhere. Cisco Hyperflex solutions support virtualised and containerised deployment with multiple hypervisors and validated support for enterprise applications. The platform provides tools for application performance monitoring, application placement, and cloud mobility to optimise resources in line with business needs. This services offer will deploy the Cisco Remote Worker bundle which consists of:

  • 500-seat HyperFlex VDI configuration
    • Three Cisco HyperFlex HXAF220-M5SX All-Flash nodes
    • One Cisco HyperFlex HX-C220-M5SX Compute-only node
    • A pair of Cisco’s 4th-generation fabric interconnects
  • 180-day free trial to Cisco Intersight Essentials for bundle buyers

Metsi can get this up and running in 2 weeks with our fixed price service package.

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