by Metsi | February 03, 2021

February 03, 2021

AppDynamics is Cisco’s premier application performance management (APM) solution. As of  spring 2019, AppDynamics is the only APM solution delivering code level SAP visibility and  real user, business transaction performance monitoring. For enterprises running SAP business  applications, AppDynamics’ unique SAP Monitoring Agent significantly improves service  quality, cost of service, speed, and innovation.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is a SAP managed, private cloud hosting service for SAP  HANA and its related applications. SAP HEC emulates a customer’s on-premise environment  in a cloud model and provides an SLA that covers the application stack and all the familiar  security and control functions. With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customers do not have to  worry about having in-house expertise to install any hardware or manage, maintain, and  operate SAP HANA; SAP keeps it updated and tuned. The company pays a monthly  subscription fee based on use and can scale up or down depending on its needs.


Our customer needed to instrument AppDynamics to provide real time visibility  to SAP business performance for a large enterprise implementation of SAP HANA  Enterprise Cloud (HEC). Our customer needed to solve the following challenges:  (1) improve production support efficiency, through actionable alerting, proactive  detection/issue mitigation of SAP, (2) reduce application slowness, thereby  improving customer experience, acquisition, and retention, (3) improve efficiency  of performance testing activities, including rapid identification, recreation, and  documentation of defects, (4), pinpoint performance bottlenecks, enabling code  tuning instead of over-provisioning hardware for performance, and (5) increased  end-user productivity through reduction of application performance incidents  with faster MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution).


The solution implemented by Metsi’s APM team used AppDynamics to follow  business transactions into SAP and deliver ABAP code level visibility. Metsi  instrumented AppDynamics monitoring and management for multiple ABAP,  Java, and HANA servers, including key metrics for errors, response times, and  transaction health. Metsi also built custom AppDynamics dashboards for SAP  Performance Overview, Business Transaction, and Operations


Metsi offers AppDynamics engineering services, either on-site or remote, for  AppDynamics instrumentation of SAP and many other mission critical applications. With Metsi’s experienced AppDynamics team, you can implement a  best in class APM solution that empowers you to improve service quality, cost of  service, speed, and innovation for your business.