by Metsi | February 03, 2021

February 03, 2021


These service packages will deliver a solution to provide policy-based endpoint security enforcement together with a real-time and historical view of application connectivity, dependencies and data flow across a hybrid IT environment.

  • Cisco Tetration Medium (TET-FD-DPM) – 4 weeks
  • Cisco Tetration Large (TET-FD-DPL) - 4 weeks
  • Cisco Tetration-as-a-Service & Knowledge Transfer (TET-FD-DPL) – 1 week
  • Cisco Tetration-as-a-Service Large (TET-FD-DVL) - 4 weeks
  • Cisco Tetration-as-a-Service Small (TET-FD-DVL) - 2 weeks

Cisco Tetration

Cisco Tetration offers holistic workload protection for multi-cloud data centres by enabling a zero-trust model using segmentation. This approach allows you to identify security incidents faster, contain lateral movement, and reduce your attack surface. Tetration's infrastructure-agnostic approach supports both on-premises and public cloud workloads.

The Journey to a successful Tetration deployment