The maturation and evolution of HCI

by Metsi | October 13, 2023

October 13, 2023

Hyperconverged infrastructure has matured to deliver superb compute and storage for virtual environments, and the Nutanix Cisco partnership is about to add even more weight to HCI’s value.

Cisco and Nutanix have formed a global partnership, aligning one of the world leaders in converged infrastructure (Cisco) with one of the leaders in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to create a solution that’s all about speed, accessibility and an easier route to effective business transformation. According to the release, the partnership is designed to help companies overcome some of the challenges they face when it comes to operations, sustainability, security and multi-cloud complexity.

This is a good thing, because the challenges that come with hybrid multi-cloud adoption can be daunting.

The challenges: Why hybrid multi-cloud needs support

Hybrid multi-cloud may have its benefits (more on that later) but it does come with its own fair share of challenges. Managing a variety of different cloud services can make the system architecture more complex and this can have a knock-on impact when it comes to configuration and resource management.

This architecture can place a heavy demand on IT resources to ensure it is correctly integrated and implemented while managing any interoperability challenges that may arise throughout the process.

Another issue is the limited number of skilled people. Talent remains a commodity for companies wanting to invest into technology which feeds back into the challenges that come with managing architecture and configurations. Teams need the right skills to provision systems correctly.

Data management becomes more challenging within this architecture as well. This is because data sets are across multiple providers, data sources are complex to aggregate and synchronising data is complicated to manage. And all these factors combine to make it tough to get the data needed for relevant and insightful data analytics and business intelligence.

The benefits: Why hybrid multi-cloud is worth the occasional challenge

This is a strategy and investment that hands over the keys of the flexibility kingdom. Multi-cloud allows for your business to manage workloads far more effectively while gaining richer control over data compliance and sovereignty.

Hybrid multi-cloud is also a potent mix of technologies that deliver agility, cost optimisation, and a highly available ecosystem that meets users right at the edge of their expectations. It can be customised to meet very unique business requirements and it is a superb architecture for organisations that have embraced a DevOps mentality.

So why Cisco and Nutanix?

As a recent Forbes article pointed out, the partnership will ‘squeeze the best out of each company’s strengths’ while providing a solution as close to plug-and-play as is currently possible. It integrates the Cisco Unified Computing System with the Nutanix Cloud Platform to deliver an out of the box platform that’s supported, managed and built by the two organisations. It’s flexible across different deployment options and will include servers, networking and security and management from across both providers.

The value of this collaboration lies in how it simplifies and streamlines many of the challenges faced by organisations when it comes to implementing and integrating hybrid multi-cloud environments. It focuses on security and simplicity while delivering on flexibility and agility – the core components of a robust architecture that can adapt to changing business needs.

Where to from here?

If you want your organisation to benefit from this partnership forged in hybrid multi-cloud efficiency, then contact Metsi. We can help you accelerate your hybrid multi-cloud adoption strategy by leveraging the best of both Cisco and Nutanix worlds in a way that is both strategic and sustainable.