Metsi Value Proposition and Blueprint

Outcomes for our customers

Value Proposition

The Blueprint Behind Our Business

Metsi enables customers to accelerate their journey to digital maturity by aligning to their IT and business goals.

We do this by taking a service-centric approach to application and platform modernisation, making it simpler for customers to define, deliver, manage and consume secure services, aligned to their IT and business goals.

Our expert teams build intelligent solutions based on data-driven insights, to provide outcomes that drive business agility and service innovation.

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The Metsi Blueprint ensures that strategies for transformation and digital maturity are comprehensive and aligned with the specific organisational goals.

Visibility & Insights empower effective decision making.

Automation & Intelligence ensures successful execution and operations.

Application & Service Management delivers capabilities that provide customer value and evolve as your customers and business require.

Visibility & Insights

The "what you have & do" - knowledge is power. The foundation for all your decision making.

From infrastructure (physical, virtual & software), to the platform services that are consumed – understand their existence, state, design and behaviour. Ultimately aligning these services to the value they bring the business.

Be empowered to make better business decisions founded on a clear understanding of your customer and enterprise digital experience. Through end-to-end service visibility you can measure and monitor digital experience, improve service availability, drive automation based on data-driven insights, and more easily assess business impact and opportunity from you multi-cloud platforms.More

Automation & Intelligence

The “how you do it” – your ability to execute. This is good operations

Brokering the capabilities of your multi-cloud platforms (the “what you have”) with the demands of your consumers (the services) – turning your capabilities into customer value. Doing it effectively, efficiently, and in a manner fit for your business.

Achieve a level of digital maturity and build a multi-cloud operating model that is fit for your business, continuously driving operational efficiencies and platform cost optimisation. Maximise your return on investment from your private cloud platforms, and never pay more than you need for your public cloud services.

Through end-to-end service orchestration built on a principle of everything-as-a-service, our Service Broker architecture enables the business to build infrastructure abstractions that best fits your organisation's alignment of technology, people and processes. Build intelligent multi-cloud capabilities that consume technologies based on business requirements and not vendor features.

Application & Service Management

The “why you do it” – how you evolve & grow. This is good business.

Managing the multi-cloud platform services portfolio on behalf of the business. Delivering on the demands of multi-cloud service consumers – delivering capability, providing customer value, and evolving when and as fast as your customers need.

Deliver the services and digital experience that your customers want, where and when they want it. Focus on, optimise, and mature the services that are most important to your business. Drive business agility bringing new services to market faster, pivoting existing services to meet changing market demands, and quickly leverage new technologies to create service innovation.

By extending the service-oriented architecture to application modelling and software lifecycle management, we enable businesses to effectively build and manage a consumable and agile strategic services portfolio.