Embedding security and resilience into AI-driven organisations

by Metsi | October 17, 2023

October 17, 2023

When it comes to artificial intelligence, the goal posts are constantly moving but organisations can lean into technologies and partnerships to build resilience, security and stability.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly and radically shifted from a conversation point to an investment priority. Providing organisations with much-needed capabilities across automation, modelling, and operational optimisation, AI is helping companies better manage data, manual processes and time. AI is moving into the ‘strategic core of business operations’. Unfortunately, it is also being used to bolster the development of fake news, malicious code, cyber-threats and phishing. There has been a notable shift in the type and volume of attacks made on companies as hackers pull on the capabilities of AI to become even more of a threat.

This has, of course, made companies turn to AI to become more secure, bolstering their protections with solutions that strengthen their profiles and their systems. And this has played no small part in the recent $28 billion acquisition made by Cisco to acquire the security powerhouse, Splunk.

Cisco announced this acquisition in September 2023 stating that the objective was to help ‘make organisations more secure and resilient in an AI-powered world’. The combination of the two companies’ toolsets and capabilities has the potential to reshape threat detection and response and create, as the company says so eloquently, ‘the next generation of AI-enabled security and observability.’

Forrester believes that this is a huge win for Cisco because of the observability and security. Cisco has now gained control over one of the most powerful security analytics platforms on the market and bolsters this acquisition with its own full-stack observability platform.

There are several benefits to this acquisition:

  1. It is a neat synergy between Cisco’s capabilities and the trusted security functionality provided by Splunk. Combined, the two have the potential to drive security and resilience deep within the bones of the business.
  2. The evolution of generative AI (GAI) solutions such as ChatGPT are making it harder than ever for companies to protect against rising threats. This technology introduces seriously complicated issues to the already complex security mix. Splunk has proven capabilities within this space and a highly responsive and agile system which, when combined with Cisco’s set of solutions, will provide companies with peace of mind.

The synergies within the Cisco-Splunk deal are delightful for companies that want to plan ahead for the AI onslaught, and who want more powerful AI and observability capabilities embedded within the business. And they can, of course, achieve these benefits through Metsi Technologies – as a Cisco partner with extensive expertise in delivery security and observability solutions, we can help you harness all the benefits of the Splunk-Cisco ecosystem.

Metsi understands how important it is to connect full-stack observability with real-time business results to achieve top-tier digital experiences. Our partnership with Cisco and our innate understanding of security and business ecosystems will ensure you capture all the value from this new Cisco acquisition and every last drop of its potential.